Welcome Ramadan مرحبا رمضان


مرحبا رمضان


Dear Muslims;

The holy month of Ramadan is 10 days away, the month of the holy Qura’an, the month of mercy and forgiveness. A month where each good deed is multiplied 70 fold so take advantage of this to reap the rewards and win the mercy and forgiveness of Allah SWT.
Ramadan is on our door step again after one whole year; a year where many have passed away and many were born, where many flourished and many perished, where many were guided and many misguided.

Ramadan you have come to say to the eyes to abstain from gazing wrongfully and to admire the wonderful creations of the creator, you have come to say to the tongues to abstain from backbiting, gossiping, obscenity and idle talk and you have come to say to the stomachs to stop over indulging.

Dear Muslims, Ramadan is the month of goodness and blessings, so make sure when Ramadan ends, you feel as if you have done the maximum capacity of good deeds. Take this window of opportunity as if it is your last, and repent to Allah, increase the amount of Thikr and Dua you do, read the Quran on a regular and consistent basis and leave your bad habits behind. Do all this and more so you can
be among those who Allah SWT frees their neck from hell during this blessed month.
Blessed are those who do this for the sake of Allah SWT…
Blessed are those who will be mentioned by Allah SWT… 

So, followers of the moderate religion, those who Allah is pleased with them; renew your repentance and seek the refuge of Allah SWT, and what better time to do it than in the month of Ramadan?